Starting from today, Greenies will not only introduce second-hand cultures, but also introduce the delicacies of Kwun Tong. The first one to introduce is Slow Cook House on the 11th floor!

Kwun Tong industrial building can be said to be the center of Kwun Tong food, and Slow Cook House is also one of the popular hotspots. The trend of slow cooking is booming! Many restaurants now use slow cooking to attract customers. 




Green living is a sustainable lifestyle that protects the environment and improves people's health and well-being. Green living includes the use of sustainable energy sources such as solar, wind and water power; reduction of waste such as garbage and wastewater; optimization of resource use such as water and energy conservation; and improvement of air quality such as reducing emissions of pollutants. 




Second-hand shop culture has become a popular way of shopping in Hong Kong today. Second-hand shops provide an opportunity to purchase items at a cheaper price, while also providing a space to uncover hidden cultural gems. In second-hand shops, one can find amazing finds such as antique books, vintage toys, antique furniture, vintage watches, antique jewelry, and more. 




Second-hand clothing has become an increasingly popular way to shop in recent years. From thrift stores to online marketplaces, second-hand clothing is a great way to find unique, high-quality items at a fraction of the cost. Not only is it a great way to save money, but it’s also a great way to reduce waste and support the environment. 


Camel Paint Building





Greenies are here to create IMPACT.

We believe if something is worth doing it is worth doing well. One day at a time, we are making progress - to destigmatize bias on “second-hand” and “preloved”. Preloved does not necessarily equal to dirty/stained/damaged/unstylish items. They could be clean/chemical-free/durable/stylish/brand-new. We're not perfect, but we're proud of how far we've come. Let's create an impact as a circular community, keep products in use and #StayGreenBeGreenies. 

It is time to RETHINK.

💡 Do you know that about 170 tonnes of unwanted clothes are entering the landfills every single day? It's time to rethink our buying habits to work towards a more sustainable future together. Join us in this circular movement and #StayGreenBeGreenies. 😉

💡 你知道每天大約有 170 噸棄置衣服進入垃圾區嗎? 係時候重新思考我哋嘅購買習慣,共同邁向更可持續的未來了。 加入我們的循環運動記住#StayGreenBeGreenies。 😉

Let us bring you to our closet! 📍

Feeling lost in Kwun Tong😥? No worries, let Greenies guides you to our closet at Camel Paint Building Block 3😉. 

1) Passenger lift 

2) Staircase between passenger lift lobby and Circle K 

3) Cargo lifts at the back of the building

驚喺觀塘蕩失路😥? 唔使擔心,等Greenies帶你哋到位於Camel Paint Building Block 3嘅GREENIES' CLOSET,成為大家嘅導遊啦!😉 

1) 客𨋢 

2) 乘𨋢大堂與 CIRCLE-K 之間的樓梯 

3) 大樓後方的貨𨋢

We welcome instore consignment. ♻️

Already used up most of the storage space at home with piles of clothes and shoes 😩 ? No worries, send them in GREENIES' CLOSET and join us as a consignor 🥳 . You can even get rebate or store credits from sales and help expanding the circular community at the same time. Learn more from the our website and the link in bio. 🤍

成屋都堆滿唔着嘅衣服同鞋,搞到屋企嘅存儲空間都冇 😩 ? 唔使擔心,送佢哋嚟GREENIES' CLOSET 寄賣並加入成為我哋嘅一份子 🥳 您可以從寄賣中獲得直接現金回贈或者店舖積分,1分就可以喺GREENIES’ CLOSET內消費$1,同時幫助擴大循環社群。 立即瀏覽GREENIES 網站了解更多信息。

Thanks for the support on the Opening Day of Greenies' Closet

Thanks for coming and supporting GREENIES' CLOSET at our opening day on June 18 🥰. We wouldn't be us without anyone of you, from collecting items from our consignors to providing another guiltfree fashion option in Hong Kong, having our store established in Kwun Tong. We will endlessly spread the beauty of preloved fashion to society and wish everyone could #StayGreenBeGreenies. 🤍

六月十八號係GREENIES' CLOSET 開衣櫃嘅日子,從一開始收集返嚟嘅第一批二手寶藏到開設於香港提供多一個二手選擇嘅觀塘門市,衷心多謝每一位嚟支持我哋嘅GREENIES 🥰。我哋相信大家嘅共同付出同努力絕對可以改變大眾對二手固有嘅思想,一齊 #StayGreenBeGreenies

We wear our values

Be incredible. Be proud. And be you.

For us, we believe that things are the most valuable when they are in use. Greenies' Closet houses international brands at friendly prices with eco-friendly intentions. We choose better. We choose preloved.

And we wear our values.


我們相信產品在使用時才是最有價值的。 Greenies' Closet 以友好的價格和環保的意念收納國際品牌。當我們穿上二手物品時,我們也同時穿起我們的價值觀。

Greenies Furniture

In-Store Furniture #FactofGreenies 💡

We are repurposing this drawer from an old cabinet which the previous tenant has decided to throw away to a shoe display. By rearrangement and a few touch up, old furniture can unleash their full potential from wastes. ♻



Greenies price tag

Our Price Tag #FactofGreenies 💡

We try our best to create as little waste as possible. So don't feel shocked when we collect the Greenies' Tag after each purchase as we are reusing them for the next preloved goodies.  This could reduce the unnecessary production of price tags and waste in the industry. 😉🌲


我哋GREENIES盡最大嘅努力減少生產以致嘅浪費。每次結帳時我哋都會收集返衣物上嘅Greenies' Tag,因為所有嘅Greenies' Tag都會被重用,務求減少不必要嘅製作同浪費,從而幫助保護環境。😉🌲 Cuz #GreeniesCare

We support fashion to be made sustainable.

We are not building a brand. We are building a community - for the like-minded and enlightening the opposite. #WeAreGreenies

We support fashion to be made sustainable.

We support extracting the maximum value from products to minimise impact and waste on our planet.

And we support free pick-ups for 10+ items for preowned consignment to bring in convenience and rewards for living green!

Book on our profile to experiment the new way of making fashion circular!

👉🏻Always look for preloved before turning to new ones

Always look for preloved before turning to new ones

Seriously, if we were given the resources and capacity to collect and revive all items, we would definitely go without limitations for our collections. Trust me, we are working so hard towards that. Yet, at this stage, we are only collecting:

Damage- and stain-free in trend ladieswear, menswear as well as kidswear in good quality and condition with resalable value.

Right, we are picky in a sense that we hope to get the quality assured. Traditionally, it’s shameful to shop preloved in Chinese society. We are here to bring forward a message that,

"Shopping preloved diverts items from landfills and reduces the need for new clothings. Buying one used item lowers its carbon and water footprint by 82%.


👉🏻Always look for preloved before turning to new ones.

How does it feel to have a peek at others’ closets?👀

How does it feel to have a peek at others’ closets? 👀

This gorgeous baby blue chrochet lace midi skater dress with pinkish underlay from @boohoo will suit your feminine vibes on many occasions.

What’s more? It’s preowned, a cut of the original price and #guiltfree.

Isn’t it good to have something to look forward to in life? Our huge Greenies Closet’s available the coming June.

Let the magic play its game here...

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T R Y   O N   B E F O R E   Y O U   B U Y   &

T H I N K   B E F O R E   Y O U   S A Y   B Y E !

Cuz #WeAreGreenies 

 G R E E N I E S'  C L O S E T | 二 手 衫 寄 賣 平 台