「你哋啲衫邊度嚟架」- Vol. 1

Greenies - Kayla Wong


她的衣櫃 vol. 1 - KAYLA WONG 王曼喜

Kayla 是一名 LGBTQ 活躍份子,同時也經營著名為 Basics For Basics (@basicsforbasics) 的道德慢時尚品牌,並協助一個混合空間 The Wild Lot (@the.wildlot) 的創意方向。她一直支持環保運動,尤其是在她所從事的時尚行業中。她與我分享著相同的價值觀,是我尊敬的人。我很榮幸能夠在我們的第一個活動 - Shop her closet 中特別介紹她。

「你有什麼想與其他 Greenies 分享的嗎?」



「少買,多挑選,讓它持久」(Buy less, choose well, make it last) by Vivienne Westwood。


現在你可以在 Greenies 購買她的品牌(@basicsforbasics)或她的衣櫃,還有其他人的物品,一件一件地減少城市的紡織廢棄物。 —

Many wondered where do we collect the clothes from. We collect them from people all around the city just like you and me. And here's one story that we picked to share with you all today —

Shop her closet vol. 1 - KAYLA WONG 王曼喜

Being an LGBTQ activist herself, Kayla runs an ethical slow fashion brand called Basics For Basics (@basicsforbasics) and helps out a hybrid space - The Wild Lot (@the.wildlot) with creative directions. She has always been supportive in environmental protection movenments, especially in the fashion industry where her profession lies. She is someone that shares similar values to mine and someone that I look up to. It is my honour to have featured her at our very first activity -Shop her closet.

"Anything in mind that you would like to share with other Greenies out there?"

"Here're a few lines on my thoughts.

Since I’ve started my journey in sustainable fashion, there’s one motto that I always stick with.

‘Buy less, choose well, make it last.’ by Vivienne Westwood.

It might sound cliche but it is honestly the best to live more sustainably in any aspect of life.

Focusing more on quality and investing in pieces that are well made and that might mean more to you."

And now you may either shop her brand (@basicsforbasics), or her closet and many other's at Greenies to reduce the city's textile waste, one item at a time.

Let the magic play its game here...

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