Starting from today, Greenies will not only introduce second-hand cultures, but also introduce the delicacies of Kwun Tong. The first one to introduce is Slow Cook House on the 11th floor!

Kwun Tong industrial building can be said to be the center of Kwun Tong food, and Slow Cook House is also one of the popular hotspots. The trend of slow cooking is booming! Many restaurants now use slow cooking to attract customers. As the name implies, slow cooking is to cook food with low temperature and long time, which avoids the change of taste and excessive loss of moisture caused by high temperature cooking. Slow Cook House specializes in rice bowls, with five choices, not too expensive and generous portion.

The most popular dish of Slow Cook House is slow cooked beef brisket bowl, but today I ordered a slow cooked salmon with avocado bowl, which surprised me when I saw it. I didn't expect there would be dragon fruit and cherry tomatoes as ingredients, but they blended together nicely and were appetizing. The salmon was not fully cooked, only cooked on the outside, while the inside was still semi-raw, very delicious! In addition, the amount of rice was also very generous, and the Japanese soy sauce also increased the taste. I ordered another one because the sauce was not enough. There was only one avocado, it would be better if there were one or two more.

I also ordered a slow cooked beef brisket udon, the amount of beef brisket was very large, at least 10 pieces from the surface. The beef brisket was tender and juicy when bitten, thanks to the slow cooking. In addition, there was a poached egg on top, which I scooped into the udon, which was very effective and added a hint of egg yolk aroma.

Let the magic play its game here...

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