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#WeAreGreenies! We are a group of green enthusiasts hoping to promote sustainable living through eco-friendly fashion habits.

Greenies is a community and Greenies' Closet is an eco-platform for preloved clothing consignment aiming for a conceptual breakthrough towards circular fashion in Hong Kong and targeting to create a zero production company business model to exert a strong environmental and social impact.

#WeAreGreenies! 我們是一間由環保愛好者成立的社企,希望通過循環時裝的習慣促進社會可持續和綠色時尚的發展。

Greenies 是一個願意為環保做多一步的二手衫寄賣,而Greenies' Closet 是個屬於所有Greenies 的衣櫥,Greenies旨在突破香港循環時裝的概念,並創建一間以零生產為營運模式的社企,從而為環境和社會作出貢獻。


Fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the modern world. Hong Kong generates an average of 392 tonnes of textile waste per day into landfills, according to the Environmental Protection Department’s (EPD) Statistics Unit.

Buying one piece of used clothing reduces carbon and water footprint by 82% on average. Thus, it is crucial for us to take actions and draw the awareness of the "Rs" in circular fashion: Reducing, Repairing, Rental and Resale. We believe that living green isn’t about being perfect. It’s about progress! After all, small actions can lead to large movements.

時裝業是現代世界污染最嚴重的行業之一。根據香港環境保護署(EPD)統計的數據,香港平均每天產生 392 噸紡織廢料進入堆填區相等於每分鐘丟棄約1500件T-shirt。

購買一件舊衣服可以平均減少 82% 的碳和水足跡。因此,以循環時裝的方式吸引人們對“Rs”的認識十分重要: Reducing (減少) · Repairing (修理) · Rental (出租) · Resale (轉售)。我們相信以Greenies 二手衫寄賣平台邁向綠色生活是人類未來發展的進程!畢竟,每個人的一小步,就是人類的一大步


Through providing easy to book and convenient pick-up-at-home consignment service, Greenies would like to clear away the biggest barrier for busy Hong Kongers to sustainable fashion - TIME. We don't mind going the extra miles to get more to join us as Greenies! All you have to do is to have your clothes washed and ready for pick up, the remaining processes including pick-up, quality inspection, itemisation, price analysis, storage and displaying on the shelves of a physical store would be all on us.

Consign with us and give your idling items a second chance to be loved!

Greenies二手寄賣社企希望通過提供一個易於預訂和便捷的上門寄賣取貨服務,為忙碌的香港人掃清支持循環時裝的最大障礙 —— 時間。我們不介意付出更大的成本以令更多 Greenies 加入我們的行列!您所要做的就是將您的衣服清洗乾淨並準備好等我們上來,剩下的過程包括二手衫取貨、質量檢查、分項、價格分析、存儲和在實體店上展示都將由我們一一包攬。

在Greenies 二手衫寄賣社企中寄賣,讓您的閒置衣物獲得第二次被愛的機會!

In spite of the recent thrive of online shopping, Greenies remains rather old-fashioned. We believe that the key to waste reduction is to allow people leave with the items that they desire and fit. Therefore, we stick to having our consigned items displayed in our physical store since we encourage FEEL, TOUCH AND FIT, especially when it comes to preloved items. Our buyers enjoy access to an ever-changing assortment of high-quality, lower-priced clothes from various brands, all in one shop.



We hope to bring green lifestyle to our daily habits kicking off from fashion. Through Greenies' circular fashion business model, we want our customers to enjoy their shopping experience without adding pressure to the environment. In short, we aim at promoting green fashion habits to increase clothing utilisation, to reduce pollution and textile waste rates in the industry while moving toward a more circular economy. 

我們希望從時尚開始將綠色元素帶入我們的日常習慣。通過 Greenies二手衫寄賣,建立一個可持續的商業模式,我們希望大家可以在不影響環境下享受購物的樂趣我們希望推廣二手衫綠色時尚的習慣以提高服裝利用率降低行業在市場上紡織品的浪費,實踐碳減廢從而邁向一個循環經濟體

GREENIES |二手衫寄賣社企

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